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Over the years women’s fashion has shifted back and forth among the same styles generation after generation.  Each time a trend comes back around the younger generations think it’s new and innovative and the older generations claim they wore it first.  In reality there is almost always strong inspiration from the past and each of “yester-year’s” trends were likely a variation from fashion past even then.

This year, there are some familiar styles reminiscent of days gone by and some new twists.  My favorite twist of the season is the range of denim and pant silhouettes considered “on-trend”.  Instead of pushing one pant silhouette on all body types as “the pant of the season” the fashion industry is embracing the whole range of silhouettes all at once!

While the wide leg and boot cut denim has made it’s way back (even denim culottes!)  the skinny and legging fits are still prominent as well. I love when fashion embraces every body type and women are encouraged to find what truly accentuates their individual bodies rather than conform to a cookie cutter standard.

denim stylesAbove: A range of denim and denim leggings available at The Sugar Ribbon!

zipper detailSide zip sweatshirt/Zipper Detail Blouse/ Side Zippered Sweater/Accessories

Some other details I’m really loving for the season are the sheer overlays and the zipper detailing.  You will find exposed zippers and exaggerated zipper pulls on sweatshirts, blouses and everything in between. The accordion detail has typically been featured on skirts but this year designers are adding sheer panels of that popular accordion fold to blouses and sweaters as well.

sheer over lay collageSleeveless Cape/Accordion Panel Sweater/Accessories/ Maroon Tank Dress

Thanks to The Sugar Ribbon for these adorable styles and photos.  Their fall collection is fantastic and they’ve introduced a few new suppliers you’re sure to love as well! (Did you read the article about Sugar Ribbon Brands?)

What trends are your favorites this season? Let me know in the comments!

Wishing you awesome autumn fashion! ~Heather

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