Seasonal Fashion: Staying Current Without Breaking The Bank


During my years working in clothing retail,  it was important that I kept my wardrobe ultra current to match the product in the stores.  While I loved the fashions, updating to all the changing styles with each new line could get pretty costly even with my employee discount.  I discovered a few ways to cheat and make some older looks feel fresh without needing to constantly overhaul my wardrobe.

The days of rolling out new product lines are behind me but I still like to stay current even as a stay-at-home mom.   The difference is that now I update my wardrobe without an employee discount or advance notice of sales events so those same savvy tricks help me freshen up my staple outfits.

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Since everyone loves to spend less and get more, I thought I’d share my tricks with you:

1. Focus on the colors!

Buying multiple accessories in the seasonal colors is a lot less expensive than multiple pants and tops.  Buy a belt, scarf or statement necklace and mix them with basics already in your closet.  You’ll get a lot more wear for a lot less cost. (Check out this link for more on accessories!)

Shoes are another way to quickly update your outfit.  Add a splash of seasonal color to your wardrobe with an inexpensive trendy flat or pump.  Less expensive means less quality shoes though so if you do a lot of walking (like back and forth on a sales floor for 8 hours) you’ll need to cheat.  Choose a fully enclosed pump or flat and go up a half size then add a supportive insole.  You can pick up some pretty great insoles at most grocery and drug stores.

**Update: Check out the sweet summer shoes we love and how we’re styling boots!**

accesories for your style
Camisoles (cami’s) can be your best investment!  Stores always update their cami’s by seasonal patterns and colors and you can find them in a range of price points.  Freshen up your basic sweater or cardigan by layering that trendy color you love.  You can even add a statement accessory in a complimentary seasonal color for added impact without being overly matched. (The Sugar Ribbon has some fantastic options!)

**Update: When I wrote this post originally I didn’t even realize there was such thing as a tank dress.  This discovery has changed my fashion-life forever.  See how we’re using the tank dress to update our seasonal wardrobe in this in our post on how to relax into 2016 wearing the pantone color(s) of the year!**

2. Seasonal Fabrics

As soon as the temperatures change, make sure your fabrics do too.

A good guideline is light cotton and cotton blends are for Spring and Summer.  Wool, and bulky cotton are for Fall and Winter.  Silk and silk blends are generally for business or dressy occasions and linen (including a linen blend) is only for the Summer.

Manufacturers also now use a wide range of synthetic fibers and blends to lower price points and increase durability so judge those by the weight of fabric.  In general, thick or chunky are for cool seasons.  Light or sheer fabrics are typically for warm weather or very strategic layering in cool weather.

kelsey in orange sundress amanda in sacred threads

3. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful!

If a new trend does not compliment your age or body type, then don’t worry about it.  The next season will come quickly and change the trendy “it” items anyway.  Your body is unique and should not always fit a “cookie cutter” fashion industry.  That’s why I love stores like The Sugar Ribbon because they have unique clothing for diverse women.

Have fun and always add a smile.  How you dress communicates a lot to people about who you are so just focus on weaving a few strategic items into your closet and remember:  Confidence is your most important accessory!


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Wishing you a fun and fabulous day! ~Heather


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