How To Style The Novelty Socks Trend

From “on trend” to faux paux and back again, novelty socks are considered chic in 2016.

Have you been yearning for a chance to wear your socks with heels and sandals again?  Or maybe you have been cringing at the thought that this trend might rear it’s head one more time.  Well, like it or not, high fashion authorities are telling us novelty print socks are back.

While I was hesitant to embrace this particular style, I have seen it done well by some popular fashion icons.  I also love that this trend has a very functional aspect during the cold winter months in Michigan.  Staying warm and trendy is not easy when the temperature regularly drops below freezing.   Most of all, when fashion authorities like Vogue says it’s a fashion trend….it’s a real trend so I need to be willing to at least give it a try.

As with all fashion, however, it’s important to remember two things:

1.  What you wear is less important than how you wear it.

2.  Just because you wear something trendy doesn’t mean you’re “on trend”.

Intentional is super important any time you embrace a trend that was once considered faux pax.  It’s important that your outfit looks like you intended to make a fashion statement not simply that it was more functional to wear your clothes a certain way (even if the socks could keep your feet much warmer in winter or keep your toes from pinching in those heels).

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I recommend you find your inspiration from photos of fashion icons or outfits styled by professionals for ideas on how to wear this particular look, then copy it as close as possible.  Try pinterest and instagram for ideas on how to style your socks so they are truly on trend (and make sure you follow @thesugarribbon while your’e there). also published a list recently of some awesome shoe/sock combinations you might want to try.

Here’s how I’m incorporating the trend so far:

1. The Outfit: Boyfriend Chinos with a rolled cuff to show off the matching argyle print socks,  T-shirt, Statement Necklace, Jacket with rolled cuffs.

boyfriend chinos and novelty socks

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blue baubles close up

The Statement Necklace above is one of my favorites purchased from The Sugar Ribbon.  It came as a set with earrings for around $25.  I honestly don’t remember the price for sure or if I got it at a discount….I just love it.

argyle close up

2. The Outfit: Sassy top, tank dress, leggings, statement necklace with a purple stone, purple bird print socks scrunched slightly above ankle boots and of course The Perfect Bag.

Tank dress, leggings, sassy top and bag

The only pieces of this outfit I didn’t buy at The Sugar Ribbon are the socks and boots.

Bird socks close up

No matter you age or stage it’s time to break out your novelty socks and let your creativity fly!  The Sugar Ribbon will be getting in an order of adorable socks very soon so follow their facebook page to find out when you can grab your unique pair.  Then, let me know how you’re embracing this trend in the comments below.  I promise I read every comment and respond to as many as possible.   Lastly, would you please share this article?

Make sure to come back next Tuesday for guest post by award winning make-up artist Erick Gerson on 2016 Make-Up Trends!

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Wishing you a fun, fabulous and super chic 2016! ~Heather
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